How to play movie with Subtitles (.sub or .srt files)

What are subtitles?

A subtitle is the text at the bottom of the screen in a movie. The purpose of a subtitle is usually to translate the movie dialogue from a language the viewer doesn't understand to one they do. Subtitles can also be helpful for people who for some reason have trouble following the dialogue in a movie.

Watching movies with subtitles in Windows Media Player

To watch DivX movies or XviD movies with subtitles you first need to install a DirectShow filter for Windows Media Player which is called DirectVobSub. To install DirectVobSub, follow these easy steps:
1) Download DirectVobSub
2) Run the exe-file to start the installation
After you've installed DirectVobSub on your system, Windows Media Player should be able to show subtitles in DivX and XviD movies. However, you will also need to download a separate subtitle file before you get subtitles in a movie. Once you've downloaded a subtitle for a movie you simply place it in the same folder as the DivX or XviD movie you want to watch. Then you have to make sure the filename of the movie and subtitle is the same. Otherwise you will have to rename the subtitle file, so the player understands that they are associated. Also make sure that the subtitle file has the ".sub" or ".srt" file-extension. Finally, you play the movie and hopefully you have subtitles in it.

NOTE Make sure that the file name and the subtitles name are the same (minus the extensions, .avi and .sub respectivley). Put them in the same directory before you load the file into WMP and it will play the subtitles no prob.

Alternative way of playing subtitles without DirectVobSub:

First install a media player capable of playing subtitles, not all do (Windows Media Player is one that doesn?t!). One that does IS
Make sure your .sub file has the same name as your video/movie file. BSPlayer itself pretty much has other hints & tips for this.

Where can I download subtitles?
Subtitles URL Collections Download

Multi-language sites:
Skiller's Pick: (Multi-Language - On top right side will see English Flag - Site Language. Hover your mouse over that, it will open up a large selection of languages, pick the one that suits you)

CT's Pick (Multi-Language):

More Subtitle Sites: (French Subs)

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